Barefoot Basics: Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Training in Memphis

You asked for it and we listened! Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Training will arrive in Memphis on January 19-21 for a three day Barefoot Basics course with authorized instructor Mary-Claire Fredette. See below for details from Mary-Claire…

Memphis Registration Information

Mary-Claire Fredette has been licensed in Ohio by the State of Ohio Medical Board for Massage Therapy since January 1999. The senior training instructor for Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT), Mary-Claire has been certified in AOBT since 2002 and starting teaching in 2004. Although

her home studio is in Cincinnati, OH, she has taught students and instructors throughout the United States.

Thank you for your interest in ! Please contact me at 513-238-0970 or at if you have any questions about the following information. My goal as instructor is to keep class casual and fun while providing you everything you need to know about learning this great modality. You’re going to learn a wonderful way to give your clients the deep tissue work they crave without hurting yourself!

If you have any special needs that may make learning difficult for you, please contact me prior to class so that we can make class enjoyable and fruitful for all students. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, for the safety of you and your baby, please wait until after your baby is born to attend class. If you’ve had any type of implant within the past 9 months, please confirm with your physician that gravity assisted massage will not harm you or your implants.

Each student will receive 2 or more hours of work on the first two days of class. Please use common sense if you have any health issues and contact prior to class with any questions. Even though the class is entry level, we do reserve the right to maintain a weight limit/fitness level for teaching our barefoot classes due to equipment safety and liability issues. The art of learning to effleurage with the feet can be physically and mentally challenging. A successful learning environment depends on a “team-operation” style workshop. Our main focus is on a quality workshop experience for all. All courses meet ABMP and AMTA eligibility requirements.

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