February 2013 Spotlight

Selina Oelberg, LMT

The MMP team has chosen to spotlight Selina Oelberg for the month of February 2013. Selina demonstrates her commitment to the professional practice of massage therapy in Memphis through her quality education courses on integrative trigger point therapy and TN Massage Law. When it comes to pain management techniques and demonstrating a professional character, Selina sets the bar high. When we asked her about her journey as a professional massage therapist, this is the response we received.

After working in corporate America, going home every night with a sense of discontent, I was led to a massage therapy program after learning of its profound effects on the human body.  Once I began practicing massage, I knew I was in the right career and feel as if it is my ministry to help people with chronic pain.

As one who suffered from chronic neck and back pain since childhood, I was naturally led to this field because of its documented success with relieving chronic pain.  While in school, I was introduced to many massage modalities but found that my natural ability and style was concurrent with the practice of neuromuscular or trigger point therapy.  Once I graduated, I immediately took courses to practice trigger point therapy along with myofasical release. I have been practicing for thirteen years. In addition to my practice of neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release, I decided to give back to the massage community by writing a program called Integrative Trigger Point Therapy. I wanted  to spread the word about this highly effective treatment and make it more accessible to this area.  This program applies trigger point and myofascial release techniques in a series of four classes covering the entire body.  I have been teaching ITPT for seven years and have enjoyed getting to know massage professionals throughout the Mid-South.

I recently returned to school for a masters in occupational therapy at The University of Tennessee in Memphis.  I was introduced to Occupational Therapy during one of my ITPT seminars.  An OT attended my class to learn technique, other than her standard protocols s to treat frozen shoulder.  I was intrigued with the diversity of Occupational Therapy and found that it would be a great way to expand my horizons.  I enjoy learning more about the treatment of injuries, sensory integration concepts, and psychology.  I plan to incorporate this all into one holistic treatment plan when I am finished.

Thank you Selina, for your support of the Memphis massage community through your continued private practice in East Memphis. We know you will make a GREAT occupational therapist with all that great background knowledge in pain management. We couldn’t think of a finer representative to carry our profession forward.

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