September Spotlight Therapist 2013

Mary Helen Looper, LMT

Spotlight Therapist September 2013

“I have lived a very unique life filled with travels, studies of many cultures and healing arts. I speak English, American Sign Language, French and Italian. I found my love for massage giving massages to my family and friends. After 45 years of giving massage to family and friends, I entered the Massage Institute of Memphis to become a certified massage therapist. I then obtained my Tennessee massage license to share my love for massage with the people of Tennessee. I’ve spent my life studying and Imageteaching many forms of bodywork and spirituality – martial arts, yoga, dance, fire spinning, drumming, psychotherapy, and Reki. There is a deep connection between the body, mind and spirit. I incorporate all these experiences and modalities into the massage that I now offer. ”

Her volunteer work includes being a Cub Scout Den Leader, March of Dimes, Race for the Cure, American Cancer Society, treasurer of Riverside Astrologers, president of Cotton Pickin’ Squares,  organizer and promoter of womens music,  art exhibitions,  MGLCC events, drumming and fire spinning workshops.

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