Memphis Massage Instructors ON THE FRONT LINE in Little Rock 9/11/15

Gould’s Academy of Massage, Massage Institute of Memphis, and Concorde Massage Therapy program were all represented by their instructors and program directors at the ABMP INSTRUCTORS ON THE FRONT LINES WORKSHOP held in Little Rock on Friday, September 11th, 2015.

Learning experiences are events or activities in which students experience something that results in a change in their thinking, understanding, skills, values, or behaviors. When planning and developing exceptional learning experiences, an instructor must consider a number of factors. These instructors are dedicated to creating exceptional learning experiences for massage therapy students in our community so that LMTs here in Memphis may represent the highest standards of professionalism and skill. We had such a large group travel from Memphis to Little Rock that the ABMP representatives agreed to consider conducting the 2016 workshop in Memphis!

ABMP MMP Little Rock
Memphis Massage Instructors from Massage Institute, Gould’s Academy, and Concorde Career College
Gould's Academy Instructors
Gould’s Academy Instructors
Dee Vickers and Charlene Gaffney, MMP founders and co-directors with ABMP training instructor and regional representative.

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