Mobile Massage in Memphis – Let’s Talk

Join us June 4th, 2018 12pm at the Panera Bread in Cordova, TN

714 N Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN 38018

Zeel is expanding to Memphis and would like to connect with our group to get feedback from us about their business in our city. Come enjoy a networking lunch with us and share your thoughts on mobile massage in our city!

Below is a summary of what Zeel does, how therapists are compensated and how clients are vetted.

  • Zeel allows customers to easily book in-home massages through our website and iPhone/Android apps.

  • In Nashville and Memphis, we pay the therapist $75 for 60-min massages and $105 for 90-min massages. We’re committed to a different compensation model for therapists than the way most spas work – learn more about that here.

  • Part of the reason our system works well for therapists is that there are no shifts/set time commitments. We simply send you requests and you reply to any that you can take.

  • Another major reason our system is revolutionizing in-home massage is that we’ve added security features to weed out inappropriate requests.

    • Clients do NOT choose therapists when they initially make a request – they are matched to available therapists based on availability and location.

    • All clients are required to pay by credit card and verify their identity by either providing the last 4 digits of their Social Security number (which we check against a credit database) or by scanning in their driver’s license or passport.

    • Therapists check in and check out with Zeel, so we always know where our therapist is and with whom.

    • This is best-in-class security–at Zeel, massage therapists are our customers too.



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