2018 – We Did It…Here’s Proof!

At our last event we learned some shocking facts about human trafficking. And, while many of us may feel like there isn’t anything we can do, we must remember that keeping close professional connections tight within our community IS doing something.

Every meet up is an opportunity to nourish and grow our professional identity. In each conversation exists the potential to identify, and perhaps even solve, some of the challenges that we face in our industry.

Memphis Massage Professionals

And, even though the serious nature of our speaker may have temporarily petered out our party pizzazz (hey, he was supposed to come to our February meeting but just found our letter of request on his desk this month), we still shared plenty of laughs and smiles at the end.


Door prizes, ugly sweaters, old friends and new gathered in a mini celebration of faces around the tree.


It’s been a great year for the Memphis Massage Professionals. Our group has grown tremendously and we are connected more now than ever before. Thank you to everyone who continues to commit themselves to getting out to mix and mingle with our tribe. We are all better because of it.

Happy holidays and may your new year be filled with the brightest of blessing and many dreams come true!

written by: Charlene G. published for: Memphis Massage Professionals 

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