Virtual Happy Hour for LMTs

Monday, November 16th, 2020 Join us tonight on Zoom at 6pm for a positive exchange of good news with our Memphis Massage Community. Any good news you have to share is welcome. Let’s congratulate each other for making it to the end of this wild and crazy year and find something to celebrate!

Click here to join the Zoom meeting at 6pm.

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About the Memphis Massage Professionals Group :

Networking is connecting with people. Face-to-face. It’s about having good, in-depth conversations with people about topics that you genuinely care about. Networking leads to the discovery of common needs and goals. In a profession where we spend so much time isolated in our treatment rooms with our clients it is natural to turn inward at the end of the day and want to retreat. Yet we must keep talking about the issues in our profession and keep a support system of like-minded people around us. That is what the Memphis Massage Professionals (MMP) group is about.

We are a networking group of licensed massage professionals from the Memphis Metropolitan Area. Our purpose is to create opportunities for the LMTs in our area to exchange knowledge and experience in a respectful, supportive and professional manner.

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