January 2013 Spotlight

The MMP team has chosen to spotlight Trevecca Douthet for the month of January 2013, licensed massage therapist and sole owner/operator of Body Rhythms in Bartlett, TN. Trevecca demonstrates her commitment to the professional practice of massage therapy in Memphis, TN by volunteering her services for organizations such as the Church Health Center and Habitat for Humanity, attending networking events to inspire and encourage new therapists, and participating in developmental workshops that allow her to continuously improve her skills and maintain her exciting, new therapeutic practice. She has a noteworthy passion for her work that uplifts and inspires those she works with. She has been a massage therapist since 2011 and practices therapeutic Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stone, and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy at her private office on Summer Oaks. When asked to provide a little about her discovery of massage therapy, this is the story she offered:



I remember being in the eighth grade and my Language Arts teacher giving us a certain assignment. We had to name something we would be happy doing everyday without getting paid for it. In less than a second my answer was ready and I didn’t have to think twice about it. I wrote the word “DANCE” on my paper and turned it in. My parents have always said I danced before I walked and I truly believe them. Dancing was the one thing that could make my heart smile at any moment. The sound of any type of music would get me on my feet and away I would go. So  I knew immediately what my answer would be. She later told us if we where lucky we would be able to turn our answers into careers and understand the true meaning of success. I didn’t think to much about  the assignment then but that changed later in life.

One day as an adult I decided to receive my first massage. Really wasn’t sure what to expect but was in desperate need for some relaxation. While receiving my massage all I could think about was the sound of the music playing and how I move my hands to the rhythm. After the massage a new goal had been placed in my mind to find out more about the practice of massage therapy.

I enrolled in school with the attitude ” I will give it my best shot”. Having a full time job in a warehouse from 6am – 4:30pm then attending school from 6pm-10pm daily was not going to be easy. From standing up all day on a hard concrete floor to eating dinner in my car during five o’clock rush hour traffic, not to mention I’m also a mother. Very quickly it all started to take a toll on my body. The question to myself became “Do I have the energy to chase the dream”?  That question was answered for me the first time I massaged one of my peers. As the music came on my hands began to move freely and it felt so natural. Before I knew it my hands were dancing, my heart was once again smiling and my body filled with happiness! The attitude of “I will give it my best shot” became “This is my purpose in life and I will cross the finish line no matter what”!

I now own and operate my own massage business, Body Rhythms. There is no feeling like being able to reach out and touch your dream. As a massage therapist I am rewarded daily by just seeing the clients face brighten up after a massage. Doing the one thing that makes me happy also brings joy to someone else. I understand now that the eight grade assignment wasn’t just a question she asked to give us a grade but it was an answer to a purpose.


Trevecca dancing on, uh, we mean massaging, her Ashiatsu client
Trevecca dancing on, uh, we mean massaging, her Ashiatsu client
“The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary”
Trevecca Douthet, LMT Volunteering her Chair Massage Services at the Spring 2012 build.
Trevecca Douthet, LMT Volunteering her Chair Massage Services at the Spring Habitat for Humanity 2012 build.

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